Philbrook Wine Seminars: Day One

Apr 27

Philbrook (2727 S. Rockford Rd.)
Members of the wine trade industry, $20/session, Non-trade, $50/session

Immerse yourself in the culture of wine throughPhilbrook Wine Experience events dedicated to educating service trade and wine connoisseurs alike to the nuances of wine tasting. Whether you’re looking to learn more, sell more, or both, the Philbrook Wine Experience weekend offers Oklahoma unprecedented access to top winemakers from across the world. 

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Bubbles–French, Italian, American

The Philbrook Wine Experience is the biggest celebration of wine in Oklahoma. What better way to kick off that celebration than with a seminar focused entirely on the most celebratory wine of all…Bubbles. We’ll explore production methods and what makes regional sparkling wine unique as we taste from France, Italy, and the USA.  Featuring Jean Charles Boisset of Boisset Family Wines, Roberto Bava of Giulio Cocchi, Eva Bertran of Gloria Ferrer, and Michael Cruse of Cruse and Ultramarine Wines.



Future of OK’s Wine Industry  

October 2018 will usher in a landmark change in alcohol laws for Oklahoma. The changes reverberate through every tier affecting suppliers, distributors, retailers, and restaurants. This roundtable discussion gathers representatives from each tier to discuss the impending changes.



Coastal Wines

Most of the famous wine regions in the world are influenced by a body of water, usually rivers. But wines grown by the coast, dominate by the sea and oceans, produce wines of unique character. Join renown vintners Eric and Lyle Railsback and Jasmine Hirsch as we explore wines and vineyards dominated by the Pacific Ocean and Mediterranean sea.