Lot 01 / Cabin Fever

Be the first to gather in Philbrook’s newly unveiled cabin created by nationally-recognized artist Karl Unnasch. 

Using the frame of an original hand-hewn log cabin from the 1880’s, Unnasch replaced the windows, doors, and roof with stained glass crowdsourced from the Tulsa community to create a masterpiece.  You will be inspired by history, art, wine and food as acclaimed chef, Matt Amberg of Oren, serves a sumptuous dinner for eight perfectly paired with exquisite Darms Lane wines. 

  • Wine dinner for eight (8) prepared by acclaimed chef Matt Amberg of Oren
  • Wines provided and paired by Tricia Bump Davis and Larry Bump of Darms Lane
  • Rentals and tablescape provided by PartyPro Rents
Generously donated by Tricia Bump Davis, Darms Lane Winery, Oren and PartyPro Rents