Participating Restaurant Information

The Philbrook Wine Experience returns April 27-28, 2018.

For questions contact Kayla Costner at 918.748.5361 or



Thank you for participating in the 2018 Philbrook Grand Wine Tasting! Please review the guidelines below to ensure a great experience.


4:00pm: Restaurant arrival and set-up

5:15pm: Award judging begins

6:00pm: Grand Wine Tasting begins

8:00pm: Awards announced. Chef’s Choice Awards will be given for Best Dish, Best Presentation and Best in Show

9:00pm: Grand Wine Tasting concludes, load-out


Delivery: Access on Philbrook Villa driveway (map enclosed)

Check-in: Table at entrance of tent. You will receive your tasting glasses (2), wristbands (2), plates (1,000) and napkins (1,000)  

Parking: Parking available for one vehicle per restaurant in designated area. Drop-off encouraged. Credentials (to be mailed)

Credentials: You will be mailed two lanyards which are to be worn during the entire event. *You must present the credentials to get through road barricades*

What Philbrook will provide:

  • Two (2) 8-foot tables with linens
  • 1,000 paper plates and 1,000 cocktail napkins
  • Trash containers


  • No electric will be provided
  • No smoking permitted on Philbrook campus