Philbrook Wine Seminars: Day Two

Apr 28

The Summit Club (15 W. 6th St.)
Members of the wine trade industry, $15/session, Non-trade, $45/session

Immerse yourself in the culture of wine throughPhilbrook Wine Experience events dedicated to educating service trade and wine connoisseurs alike to the nuances of wine tasting. Whether you’re looking to learn more, sell more, or both, the Philbrook Wine Experience weekend offers Oklahoma unprecedented access to top winemakers from across the world.

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Blind Tasting, The Deductive Method of Sommeliers 

Follow Sommeliers as they lead you through the deductive process of evaluating wines as done by the Court of Master Sommeliers.  You’ll learn how to pick up specific aromas and flavors in wine and use that information leading up to a “Blind Tasting.” 


Winery Spotlight: ZD Wines 50th Anniversary
Renaissance Room

Brett deLeuze, President of ZD Wines, was 4 years old when his father founded the winery 50 years ago. His family has seen Napa go from a relatively unknown wine region to the one of international acclaim it is today. We’ll explore a vertical tasting of ZD Wines with Brett.


Ageability of Pinot Noir
Empire Room

Time is always an integral part of wine. Time on the vine, time on the skins, time in the barrel. This seminar will examine time in the bottle as we taste how Pinot Noir evolves with age. We’ll explore Pinot Noir from different regions, discuss winemaking techniques that impact aging, and what to expect from older bottles of Pinot. Featuring Scott Shull of Raptor Ridge and Ken Bernards of Ancien.



Historic Icons of Napa – Vertical Tasting

The New World’s most recognized wine region, Napa Valley, entered the global wine scene in the 70’s and represents some of the best wine that the US has to offer. In this seminar, the roots of each of the wineries represented go back to those early days that laid the foundation of what Napa is today. We’ll taste wines from each historic winery as learn about the evolution of Napa Valley. Featuring Robin Lail of Lail Winery, Brian Baker of Chateau Montelena, and Randle Johnson of Hess Collection.


Varietal Focus: Chardonnay
Renaissance Room

Few wines are produced in as wide an array of styles as Chardonnay. From oaky and buttery to lean and crisp the styles and tastes vary greatly. We’ll taste through different Chardonnay producers, each with a distinctive style, and examine how terroir and production methods dictate their flavor profiles. Featuring Andrew Holloway of Rombauer and Eric Flannagan of Flannagan Winery


Climate Change and Wine Making
Empire Room

The earth is warming up and this is having both positive and negative affects on wine regions across the world. Three vintners will discuss the impact they believe climate change is having on them and how what steps they’re taking to adjust. We’ll taste through wines they’re producing now and extrapolate how these wines might change in the future. Featuring Cris Cherry of Villa Creek Cellars, Josh Bergstrom of Bergstrom Winery, and Samuel Guibert of Daumas Gassac.