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2022 Participating Vintners

Boisset Collection

Represented By:Thane Knutson


Represented By:Robert Baker

Huneeus Vintners

Represented By:A.J. McGuckin

Barnett Vineyards

Represented By:David Tate

Lede Family Wines

Represented By:Drew Flanigan

Francis Ford Coppola Winery

Represented By:Tondi Bolkan

Meadowcroft Wines

Represented By:Tom Meadowcroft

Sojourn Cellars

Represented By:Erich Bradley

Gamba Vineyards and Winery

Represented By:Paulette and Agostino Gamba

Sangiacomo Family wines

Represented By:Steve Sangiacomo

32 Winds Wine

Represented By:Mia Mascarin

Gamble Family Vineyards

Represented By:Tom Gamble

Benovia Winery

Represented By:Mike Sullivan, Mary Dewane, Joe Anderson

Ackerman Family Vineyards

Represented By:Kristie Fondario

Honig Vineyard and Winery

Represented By:Michael Honig

S. R. Tonella Cellars

Represented By:Steve Tonella, Proprietor and 4th Generation Vintner


Represented By:Karin Ott and Brooke Barnett

Williams Selyem

Represented By:Mark Malpiede

Elyse Winery, Addax Wines, Institution Winery

Represented By:Lee Abraham

Grgich Hills Estate

Represented By:Sean Barrett

FRIAS Family Vineyard

Represented By:Fernando Frias

Keenan Winery

Represented By:Michael Keenan

Mauritson Wines

Represented By:Emma Kudritzki Hall

Duckhorn Portfolio

Represented By:Kay Malaske

HALL Wines | WALT Wines | BACA Wines

Represented By:Chad Nuzum

Presqu'ile Winery

Represented By:Matt Murphy, Co-Founder and President

Gemstone Vineyard

Represented By:Molly Roberts

Mark Herold Wines

Represented By:Mark Herold

Roy Estate

Represented By:Kathryn Reynolds

Bevan Cellars

Represented By:Victoria De Crescenzo

LOLA Winery

Represented By:Rafaela and Seth Cripe

Amici Cellars | Olema Wines

Represented By:Cy Phyfer

Phifer Pavitt

Represented By:Darlyne Miller

Kamen Estate Wines

Represented By:Robert Mark Kamen, Proprietor, and Gianna Furina, General Manager

Saddleback Cellars

Represented By:Nils Venge (Winemaker and Owner)

Hamel Family Wines

Represented By:George Hamel, III (GIII)


Represented By:Tracy Smith

B. Wise Vineyards

Represented By:Brion Wise, Owner

Flanagan Wines

Represented By:Eric Flanagan and Riley Flanagan

AldenAlli Winery

Represented By:Dan Kosta

Stone Edge Farm Winery

Represented By:Philippe Thibault


Represented By:Jimmy Kawalek

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